01.10.18, 4:24pm: Mmmmmm, salsa.

I signed us up for HelloFresh and inadvertently received two extra boxes of food we’re not going to eat. At least, not in the family-sized quantity I selected.

It’s just me and Weez.

I got the timing of the boxes wrong (Weez wasn’t even home for one of the weeks), picked the wrong meals, and the wrong serving size.

The third box, I was going to give to a friend; I didn’t cancel it in time. The first box, I gave to a friend; that was the week Weez wasn’t home. The second box of stuff is still in the refrigerator; I had every intention of cooking the meals. As Weez’s friend was leaving, I attempted to hand off the third box, but Weez stopped me stating she wanted to make the fajitas.

Oh. OK. Cool.

When I came home from the gym that night, the house smelled mouth-watering and the pork fajitas were awesome. Easy enough to follow a recipe, but my kiddo can cook. She makes hamburger sliders, pizzas, lasagna, spicy spaghetti sauce, breads.

I’m impressed with her abilities.

It stems from many years of “Mommy, eat this” and me being incredibly apprehensive after learning the ingredient list. “It’s pudding. It has¬†worcestershire sauce in it!”


“Why are there toothpicks, like, *in* it?” I wanted to be the mom who tries it and smiles no matter what, but sometimes I had to draw the line and “No, I’m not eating that.”

She’s a teenager now and is on her way to being a chef. She whipped up some fresh salsa made with the ingredients from two of the boxes.


It’s delicious. She’s wonderful.


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