01.05.18; 8:59pm: Saturday Mornings.

Kids these days don’t appreciate Saturday mornings.

When I was a kid… Saturday mornings were for cartoons; glorious hours of animation all before Noon.

A friend and I were texting tonight about junk food. The topic moved to Saturday mornings. Her childhood memory is powered Hostess donuts dunked in coffee while watching cartoons. Mine is a giant blue blanket I dragged downstairs from my bed spread out in front of the TV (this was before cable and remote controls). I’d eat Doritos for breakfast and zone out for hours feet away from TV.

I posed the question to friends on Facebook: What were your childhood Saturday mornings like?

Anne: A bowl of cereal and Nickelodeon on the tellie.

Jen: Cartoons and sugar cereal.

Andy: Johnny Quest!

Mayda: Followed by Speed Racer.

Teresa: Brown blanket that I still have (however my husband has stolen) eating a fried potato sandwich that my crazy Aunt Saraann made me. And her yelling at me to turn off Popeye cause the sea hag blows the tv up! My favorite morning of the week… poor kids these days don’t understand what it was like to have to wait all week for good cartoons! Then Creature Feature after with Dr Paul Barrier!

Cindy: Eating frozen orange juice from its container 😂 and Sugar 🍞 bread. Road runner and Tom and Jerry.. wonder why I am fat???

Nikki: Did we live together??

Cindy: sugar bread some good shit then

Nikki: And who didn’t pop he top of that cardboard can and eat the oj like a icee!?

LouAnn: Cartoons then cleaning

Tammie: During spring and summer—early morning fishing trips with my dad, unless there was work to be done in the garden. During fall, fishing turned to squirrel hunting or cutting wood, unless it was time to harvest potatoes or butcher. In winter, I’d watch cartoons & eat cereal. One or two weekends a month all year long, my early Saturday mornings consisted of milking cows from 4 -6 am. Once in awhile, I’d luck out and spend a weekend with my Godparents in the city. My Saturday mornings there involves the mall.

Mayda: Watching Johnny Quest, Speed Racer, and Casper the Friendly Ghost. Good times. No food. Just Cuban coffee & cartoons. The best.

Lara: Cereal and the Saturday Morning Cartoon lineup on ABC. [Even] the commercials were cool.

Michael: Same except cereal instead of Doritos!

My sister: The Flintstones and maybe a grapefruit half with sugar and a serrated pointed spoon.

Stella: What, no Doritos?

My sister: maybe pizza. I think she meant to say a pack of Juicy Fruit and a Pepsi.

Me: I was doing a trick! And yes, the combo *is* delicious, too

Les: Traditional Saturday Morning Cartoons. Though I was known to make [Kool-Aid] and put it in a washed out Bear Honey bottle… proceeding to drink it while bouncing on the couch with my lil brother to the intro of gummy bears!

Kara: Lucky charms

Andrea: We always watched cartoons in our pjs-Spider-Man and care bears while my Dad made us pancakes. Sunday night was the wonderful world of Disney.

Hope: Cheerios with extra sugar watching Warner Bros & Hannah Barbara cartoons on abc one of three channels we only had with foil on the antenna.

Trina: Farina and cartoons and evenings were little house on prairie

Michelle: That sounds like my Saturday mornings now!

Chris: I think my mom made eggs. But chewing on that long cord for the cable box that let to the TV was better than what was on the tube.

Nancy: Cartoons and Captain Crunch, or better yet, this beauty – ahh the precioussssss

These two friends of mine who don’t know each other. Ah, the beauty of Facebook:

Mimi: Watching cartoons

Ann: Can’t remember back that far and TV was brand new, not broadcasting in the morning, IF YOU WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE ONE! Now you know how old I really am!

Craig: Bugs Bunny and crumb cake from the Hillsdale Bakery.

Michelle: Nothing better than Saturday morning cartoons and an occasional Fraggle Rock here and there

Andrea: I’d forgotten about Fraggle Rock. Loved that show

Dave: Cartoons and grits…don’t judge:/

Dee: Kellog’s frosted corn flakes

This is one of my favorites threads and things I love about social media.


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