07.20.17, 7:32am: Shitty Haircut.

Every morning, I try to give thanks for the good in life and the lessons (the outright bullshit, whether it be my own fault or not… anyway).

I usually forget.

This morning, however, I gave thanks for waking up *not* having the horrendous haircut I was given in my dream.

That dream isn’t one I have often. I think the teeth falling out and being unable to make a phone call are more frequent dreams. You know, the regretting what we say and the inability to communicate dreams.

I like analyzing the meaning of dreams. As ludicrous as some can be, they’re symbolic of whatever is going on in our lives / minds.

Turns out the haircut dream, be it a good or bad cut, is the WebMD of dream meanings: anything from a simple change in lifestyle to receiving unwanted attention, being treated unfairly or someone close to us is going to die.

In this dream, I was outraged and demanded my money back; screaming and yelling pissed off.

Sounds right for life at the moment.

I did, however, get all of my money back, plus $10, and determined I’d just go back to a short haircut again. I was displeased I had to take some steps back, but I knew it would be OK though it would take longer to reach my goal.*

*Freuding not necessary with this one; symbolism is loud and clear.



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