06.06.17, 6:54pm: Esther Williams’d.

My mind wanders a lot in class.

When I start doing math—counting steps—is when I derail a routine I’ve probably done a million times. Usually, however, I imagine we’re on all Dancing with the Stars and totally nailing it. Or we’re ballerinas, or at least wearing pumps when the choreography is a fierce strut.

In class recently, during the cool down, we were doing our three big cleansing breaths. We do a slight plie squat and bring our arms way out and up on the inhale and down in the same fashion on the exhale.

Now, normally, people aren’t lined up directly behind me. This night was a little packed though so we were squeezed in and I had two people directly behind me. During the cool down on this particular night at that exact moment of the big breaths, we three were like a half second off with our big arm movements and created a cool ripple.

We looked like an old Esther Williams movie.

I was always in awe of those movies when I was a kid. I recall them looking like all of the swimming was taking place on a stage with an orchestra in the pit and how in the hell did they get that much water up there…


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