05.22.17, 8:26am: Unity in the Car Loop.

School is days from being over for the year. Teachers are done with students. Students are done with teachers. Parents are done with the car loop.

Oh, the car loop. I’ve spent hours in it. It’s nice though; a perfect opportunity all of these years to have time with my daughter one-on-one immediately before and after school. We usually hit Starbucks before school and after, the gas station for pops.

The car loop is pretty much exactly the line for security at the airport: long, slow-moving and then breakneck speed to not hold up the person behind you. Car loop is the same: long, slow-moving line and then mad dash to get out of the car as fast as possible in order to not be “that person” holding up the line.

One the kid(s) are dropped off, we move forward and approach the line of buses.

They have the right of way in the middle school car loop. A newbie learns quickly the buses don’t stop; if there are 13 in line and ready to go, we wait for all of them to pass. I’m pretty sure the bus drivers floor it in to the line assuming people have read the sign warning everyone the buses are the big dogs.

All traffic in the middle school car loop then has the right of way; grinding the high school car loop traffic to a standstill, unless an opportunity opens for them to cross over or if someone plays nice and lets a half a dozen or so car through before someone behind them loses their mind.

That was yesterday. I was sandwiched between the person letting high school traffic in to their loop and the person coming undone over it.

The driver behind me impatiently beeped her horn and threw up her hands. I don’t know if the person in front of me noticed, but a few cars later that car moved forward. Now it was lil ol’ me in her way. The car behind me was on my ass at this point.

The exit is maybe not even 500 feet from the high school car loop to the light; no time to speed around someone. There’s a light to the main road; a person can only go right or left leaving. I had a 50/50 chance at the following:

In defense of the person in front of me, I lifted my foot off the brake and crawled to the light. We both were turning left.

It was a silent film of profanity behind me.

Once through the light, the car blew around me. We ended up at the next light together; me behind her. Funny how that works. Funnier still, we ended up at the next light together, too, right beside each other. I shook my head at the irony, took a left and drove home.

We’ve all probably been the driver behind me. We all, hopefully, have been the person in front of me as well. Also, the light turned yellow at the school’s exit; we weren’t going anywhere anyway.


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