04.27.17, 7:43am: Take Your Kid to Work Day, except I work from home…

She tries every year. I give her credit for trying.

I’ve worked from home since 2009. Weez has been in and out of my office, which used to be in the living room, since then on a daily basis. She’s seen what I do / have done over the years. I’ve explained my job, “That sounds boring.”

Yeah, maybe it is, but I like it. It’s nerdy, and I have the ability┬áto control my entire day.

This morning, she half-heartedly tried again, having learned long ago it’s a “no,” or maybe she just mentioned it, but she ended the statement with a bit of rise in her voice; sort of fishing for a response.

“Oh yeah? *smears jelly on a slice of bread* It’s almost 8:00. We’re gonna be late.”

One of my favorite quotes from “A Bronx Tale” is this:

Mother: Colegero, your father wants to talk to you.

Colegero: About what, Dad?

Lorenzo: Your mother said she caught ya down by the bar today.

Colegero: I wasn’t at the bar.

Mother: Tell your father the truth.

Colegero: OK… I was by the bar.

Lorenzo: Son… Why’d you lie?

Colegero: I took a shot… (Lorenzo!!)

Lorenzo: What can i say, the kid took a shot… Nice try, son.

Colegero: Thanks, Dad.

Weez takes the shot every year. Nice try, babes. I hope she always takes the shot in life. The worst that can be said is “no.”


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