03.25.17, 2:36pm: Butterfly MMA.

Enjoying the afternoon while I worked, a couple of butterflies caught my attention.

Recently, I handed my backyard over to Mother Nature. The Dingo has turned large patches of grass into sandpits, and the weeds already had a stronghold so I’m letting it to go to see what MN can do.

Also, I have crazy stuff left from the previous owners buried in my backyard that I uncover regularly. I keep hoping for real treasure, but mostly its nails and glass; once it was a large chunk of cement with a pipe in it. Today it was a green plastic pipe maybe a foot long… Weird shit, man.


I was sitting on my porch working on my computer. The neighbors were on their porch as well and we were all chit chatting, enjoying the beautiful day while the dogs barked endlessly at each other.

A small green butterfly and an equally sized yellow butterfly were flying around with each other. It was delightful.

And then the green one went all MMA on the yellow one and body slammed it in to the grass. It was brutal. A few seconds passed before the green one flew away, but it stayed in the yellow one’s vicinity flying in circles.

Was it gloating after defeating an enemy? Did the yellow one all of the sudden die and the green one was shitting its butterfly pants?

The yellow one was motionless.

I made a comment to the neighbors, “I think a butterfly just kicked another butterfly’s butt.” I’d have said “ass,” but I already said “asshole” to them earlier in regard to the Dingo and well, they’re knew. I’m not sure I’m ready for them to know the sailoriness of my vocabulary.

Walking outside to see what was up with the yellow butterfly, the green one was still flying around erratically. Approaching the yellow one, it all of the sudden flew away.

Oh. Silly me. *blushes*

I think the green one’s chaotic flying was a victory lap and the yellow one was just catching her breath.

Naughty butterflies and their violent sex in my yard.


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