03.23.17, 8:42pm: So. Much. Judgement.

She’s getting locked out next time.

This is the Dingo staring at me while I practice new routines for class. She’s always staring at me. I’m always telling her to stop staring at me.

“Lady, that looks stupid.”



There’s a lot of awkward when first learning a new dance routine.

The cat, on the other hand, is always underfoot. No matter where I step to avoid her, she moves to exactly there. While practicing, she’s been accidentally kicked a number of times, though not hard, and once during a slide to the left, she wound up squished between me and the dresser.

I don’t have much room in my bedroom to practice in front of my mirror, so moves are small until I think I have a handle on it. I take my music and my freshly learned choreography¬†to the kitchen to try it in almost full-range motion.

Everyone follows me, and the staring and the underfoot continues.


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