03.23.17, 5:01pm: Who Doesn’t Like Cash Back? #amiright

It all started *dreamy face*…

…with the Walmart savings app in January of 2016. In October of that same year, I added Ibotta, bevRAGE and Checkout 51 to my phone. Since then, I’ve gotten back nearly $268 simply by buying the stuff I already buy, snapping pics of my receipts and grabbing UPC codes.

Sure, I’m partaking in some massive marketing thing, but I’m *in* marketing, soooo…

Here are my sign up links for ibotta and BevRage if you wanna get some cash back, too, buying the stuff you already buy:

 Get cash with the bevRAGE app when you buy beer, wine and liquor. Sign up using my referral code: GLQRDCJI, https://www.bevrage.com/promo/GLQRDCJI

 Check out Ibotta to get cash back! Use my referral code, uddtcgd, and you can earn an extra $10. Sign up at https://ibotta.com/r/uddtcgd

 Checkout51 doesn’t have a referral link, but it can be found online

Actually, Checkout51 was a pain in the ass, because 1) it doesn’t have a referral link and 2) it has a lot of required quantities I think don’t pay off (like buy three medium sized bags of pizza rolls and save $.75—I like pizza rolls, but $.75 back isn’t worth the cost of buying three medium sized bags) and 3) it has strange, to me, brands.

It did pay off twice when a Coors Light rebate was available. Between that rebate and BevRage, it was kind of worth waiting until I had $20 saved up in order to have a check cut. It only lasted two weeks, though.

That’s another thing… BevRage pays directly to PayPal within 24 hours. ibotta has a minimum of $20 before funds can be transferred to PayPal (that happens within 24 hours as well), but with their everyday-item rebates offered and the referral link, it adds up quickly. Checkout51 requires a $20 minimum, which took me three months to hit, and then I had to wait like two weeks for a check. A check… Not worth it to me to continue using / starting all over again. I deleted that app when the check arrived.

The other two, I use weekly and highly recommend both!


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