02.09.17, 6:20pm: Kitchen Gadget Psychic.

“It was right here.” *places hand on empty space*

Anyone else do this?

An item is missing. We place our hand on the space where it should be, maybe we close our eyes. We can see it in its proper place and wonder where it is; retracing last steps, trying to remember where it could be.

Perhaps we’re trying to channel someone/thing to tell us where it is now. That would be more helpful.

I was looking for a colander; we have three—two are being used for oranges and eggs, but where is the third? I stood there, my hand above my head on the shelf in the cabinet trying to imagine where the third colanderĀ is. A reel of reversed moves played through my thoughts.

Ah. It’s in the clean side of the sink, buried under dishes.

*digs through pans, lids and plastic itemsĀ for colander; doesn’t put dishes away*


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