03.05.17, 12:37pm: I Give Up #savethebees

My backyard is a “must wear shoes” zone.

Built in 1977, I’m older than my house, but it, unlike me, had a facelift recently. The last owner flipped it and turned a rundown house into a “pretty much everything’s new and nothing needs to be renovated” home. When I was looking for a new place for me, the kid and the critters, this was the second house and my mind was made up.

I don’t like shopping or fixing things.

The two parts of the house that weren’t updated / replaced are the HVAC and the water heater. Of course, the AC took a shit the very first summer and it was balls hot in here until July when I finally couldn’t handle it anymore before I called to have it fixed.

Since then, we’ve been good. There was a plumbing issue recently, but hopefully it’ll be years before that needs attention again.

The yard, however, is its own debacle.

Previous owners had fire pits and decided all things could be thrown in to / burned in the fire. Surrounding a mysterious 1.5 x 2 foot cement slab in the middle of the yard, I’ve found metal, glass and tile over the past two years in all forms and stages of decay. Anything used to build and / or decorate a house has been buried in the yard. As the years go by and as the rain washes away sand that used to be grass before the Dingo destroyed all that grows in her path, not exactly treasures have been collected and thrown away. Thankfully, she hasn’t cut herself on anything; I keep finding stuff, but I do my best to keep the yard under her hazard free.

The rule for humans though is: MUST WEAR SHOES. 

Curiosity got the best of me this morning and I dug up the slab. I was hoping to find buried treasure, but all I found were ants and more shit from a not-so-ancient fire pit.

Today, after also digging up a few pavers the Earth started to reclaim and after I removed all of the prickery weeds that demolish bare feet, I decided to leave the backyard to Mother Nature and the Dingo.

Some sort of cool looking flower thing is growing in the middle of the yard; away from the Dingo’s reach, of course. Ivy has started to come up under the tree; perfect for a shady area.

The bees are loving the wild daisies that grow in patches across the yard.

Beyond the fence in the back, untouched wild grows there. Butterflies come in to feast on the whatever flowering bushes that line the fence. Ferns of some sort cover a large space as well. A random tree is shooting out of the middle; birds seem to like that.

So, when my landscaper shows up for the first cut of the summer (sure, it’s only March, but it’s Florida; summer starts *looks at watch* now), I’ll let him know to leave the backyard alone. I may decide to go back on my idea of giving the yard up to almost all things wild at some point, but I’m going to see what happens.

Maybe Mother Nature will give me natural landscaping*.


*maybe someone from a major home improvement store will read this and decide to make over my yards, too *crosses fingers*

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