02.25.17, 8:16am: Sock? Poo? *shrugs*

I couldn’t see very well; without my contacts in, my surroundings are a blur.

Walking from the bathroom in to my bedroom, I noticed something black and thin, maybe a couple inches long, on the floor. The floors are dark and with my crappy eyesight, I wasn’t sure what it was.

Bending down and beginning my reach for this unknown object, my brain kicked in:

“What if it’s a poo?”

Having a cat and a dog, this is a valid question.

“What are you doing? Stop!”

I couldn’t stop. Autopilot was on; I hadn’t been awake that long, nor had I had my coffee.


My arm and bare hand didn’t listen. Everything was moving in slow motion. I touched the thing and realized…

…it was a sock.

“Phew! That would have been so gross. So, maybe put your laundry away today?”



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